Rachel Alcyone is a sought after expert in health, sexuality and relationships.


She is on the cutting edge of spiritual consciousness and is a respected leader in the global self-care revolution.

Her practice is grounded in 30 years of applied study in Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Meditation and Ceremony.

She is the co-host of the Ecstatic Existence Podcast with her Husband Daniel. Through her passion for self-care and magnetic personality she translates ancient practices into understandable and exciting applications for modern life.

Rachel teaches women to rise above societally imposed definitions of beauty and unleash their own version of Holistic Luxury and Vibrant Sexuality. She  helps women who struggle with sexual/ body shame, pain, and discomfort to achieve more passion, pleasure and freedom within themselves and their partnership.



She does that by;

  • Sharing ancient feminine secrets that bring ultimate satisfaction.
  • Teaching women to tap into their unique radiance and discover effective self care techniques.
  • Assisting them in attracting and creating a spiritually nourishing and erotically wild relationship.

Rachel leads retreats and workshops all over the world to assist women in reawakening their feminine power and bonding through Sacred Sisterhood as well as inspiring couples to claim the Sanctity and Sexiness of Divine Union within their partnership.


Her affinity toward elegant minimalism and Feng Shui make her masterfully skilled in the art of space clearing and beautification.

Her commitment to her personal and spiritual development continues to be imperative in her success and ability to serve.

137_eoeflorida2015She is honored to help bring forth deeper body awareness and reduced pain in the lives of her clients so that they may enjoy full quality of life doing the activities they love all while having maximum impact!

Rachel is overjoyed by the opportunity to work with YOU!




Rachel is also a;

  • Licensed Massage Practitioner with over a decade experience and a wide array of certifications.
  • Zen Bodytherapy Practitioner
  • Certified Yoga Teacher through Pamela Higley, RYT 200 hour
  • Life Activation Practitioner through The Modern Mystery School
  • Reiki Master through Nan Feist
  • Doula Birth Coach
  • A Certified Minister who has had the joy of uniting lovers in the bond of marriage as well as assisted in hospice style life transition care.



My Story

I absolutely love my life! Everything about it feels healthy, luxurious, and free.

However… it has not always been this way.

After graduating from massage school my desire to learn and heal was insatiable! For the next few years I took as many trainings as I could. I had four healing arts jobs and on the side

I would do Home Organizing, Staging and Space Clearing all the while training for a marathon. I was sick all the time and approaching burn out quickly.

I knew I could not continue on living my life that way but I had no idea what or how to change.

This is what we are taught. Go to school and work hard the masculine way! Right?

I droned on for a few more months till I got hit with the divine message to put in my month notice and fly to Argentina. I felt terrified, free and totally supported.

When I returned from this eye opening adventure I defied the voices further by working from home and doubled my income!

My life had radically transformed! My days were filled with spaciousness and ease and yet I was still not totally satisfied with my life.

I had learned to slow down, but not to listen fully to the messages of my body.  I was still pushing and forcing, so much so, that I blew out my knee in a ski accident and was totally unable to walk for over a month.

My immune system shut down completely and my whole body broke out in a painful rash. Everyone said I needed surgery.

I refused to believe it! I spent the next few months in my kitchen healing and nourishing myself with food. I was able to be and receive in a way I had never experienced before.

This was my wake up call from the divine feminine!

I immediately began participating in multiple women’s groups and for the for the first time knew what it meant to be part of a sisterhood. My whole life has been an exploration of movement and body awareness.

Since that time, I’ve successfully created a business that supports my freedom lifestyle and fulfills my purpose.

I have 30 years of yoga, dance and meditation experience so it felt very natural for me to gravitate towards mastering female pelvic floor anatomy, hormone tracking and the ancient Taoist Sexual Practices to instill massive healing, awareness and pleasure. Learning to effectively identify and release trauma, anger, fear and mistaken beliefs were imperative for me to be able to honor my feminine mystery.

As I began loving myself more deeply I began to become the person that would attract my soul mate. We met in an Acrobatic Yoga workshop and shortly after purchased, renovated and lived on a boat together. We are now blissfully married and have upgraded to living on a Yacht with our two gorgeous daughters Liberty (12) and Merit (8) along with our two companion animals Luna (cat) and Sadie (dog). We very much look forward to bringing new souls into the world and modeling how fun sacred partnership and parenting can be!

My beloved Daniel and I love leading retreats, teaching workshops and sharing with other couples about how to love and communicate more deeply as well as how to keep the play and laughter alive in their relationships.

It is my purpose to inspire women and couples to live an embodied luxurious life!