Amazing Race European Adventure! July 2016

What a month?!?! July flew by because of all the fun I was having! (as the saying goes) Its months like this when I think to myself
WOW I really am an Ecstatic Existence Expert!!!

For years I have been wanting to gift my children with the perspective of the world that can only be experienced through travel. It is is in witnessing extreme opulence next to unnecessary poverty that the important conversations emerge and the self reflection, of “what can I do to create apositive impact, is born. Witnessing the contrast of different cultures teaches appreciation and acceptance, living amidst incomprehensible languages is humbling, navigating unfamiliar terrain is empowering and pilgrimaging to the sites where the most influential people in history lived is more impactful than years of formal education.
These are just a few words to describe what our Amazing Race European Adventure with the kids was like… Life Changing, Epic, Memorable, Adventurous, Educational, Historical, Exhilarating, Transformational, Bonding, Explorative, Magical and Wildly Fun!!!
We mapped out an Amazing Race themed trip complete with clues, pit stops, detours and road blocks, just like on the show! The kids had to figure out how to get from Frankfurt, Germany -> Prague, Czech Republic -> Vienna, Austria -> Bratisalva, Slovakia -> Budapest, Hungary
“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions” ~Peter Hoeg

I AM so proud of our teamwork, how we problem solved
and worked out all the feels…


After this experience I now have a BIG dream vision of being on a travel show with my family!

So… How about you???

What grand dream vision have you been putting off…waiting for the right time?

What are you passionate about that you would love
to have be your paid full time gig?

What steps do you need to put into action in support of your vision?

I keep getting LOTS of inquiries as to how
we pulled of this wild adventure!?!?

I would love to connect with you to support you in your BIG dreams
and help you plan your very own Amazing Race, be it in your back yard or across the world!

All My Love,


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Ecstatic Existence Podcast!

We just released episode #23 and have had the joy of interviewing
wellness experts form around the world!



Your happiness is your greatest gift to others! So do whatever it takes to get in your joy and see the amazing affect it will have not only in your life but in the life’s of your family, friends, community and clients.
You are the medicine!

Canadian Father’s Day! June 2016

WOW Ma’Dear!

Our trip to Canada was incredible!

This Father’s Day celebratory vacation was the super sweet to our years of sometimes salty tears. This was our final testament to ages of holding to our vision of international travel as a family, despite resistance at every turn. As a family we work diligently and rapidly to process through feelings of doubt, fear and anger as quickly as they arise in order to keep our eye on the prize. Doing so has been integral in creating this life we adore!
Even in the days leading up to this beautifully planned, educationally expansive, coming of age milestone it was looking like it may not manifest due to forces of oppression.
At one point the energy became so thick with hopelessness that Daniel looked at me and said “What do we do?” In that heaviness I was filled with a Divine force that refused to allow the swirling, looming darkness to penetrate and Spirit spoke through my lips “we pray hard and call on all the Angels…that’s what we do.”
…And that’s exactly what we did.
We collapsed time, encircled the situation in love, healing all relationships with The Light, employing Tens of Thousands of Angels to aid in various tasks, known and unknown and never allowed our experience to be tainted. Instead we chose to relax into trust, because doing anything other than that would have fed fear and created discord within our physicality.
The next day all had shifted and we received clear confirmation that our dreams would in fact come true.
We saw Castles in Victoria

Ziplined in Sooke, rode the famous Sea to Sky Gondola, traversed suspension bridges

basked in beneath waterfalls

played hard at the Science Museum in Vancouver

laughed a lot, worked through BIG feelings and made lifetime memories!

I invite and remind you that you always have this option available to you. No matter how bleak, confined or unjust your scenario seems, you are equipped with more power than you realize.
Claim your empowerment!!! 


Surround everything with love and gratitude and use the God Power for the highest holiest Will. It’s amazing what we were able to experience through 3 years of faithfulness…AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

All My Love,


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recently been on the
Ecstatic Existence Podcast


I do not need to monitor my thoughts.

Rather than trying to monitor your thoughts,
pay attention to how you are feeling.

For if you should choose a thought not in harmony with your broader intentions, you will feel the discord; and then you can direct your thought to something that feels, and therefore serves you, better.

Difficult reentry & Vulnerable Share June 2016

Hello Dearest!

I have a Vulnerable Share Alert!!! 
You may know what a spectacularly transformational experience spending two weeks in Iceland was for me. 


The depth of connection to the land, beauty I witnessed and internal quietude I felt was profound beyond words. (For those desiring to travel there be on the look out for my article of Why the World Needs to be More Like Iceland and How to not be a Crappy Tourist)

We drove the famous Ring Road in a camper van for 10 days (I cried when it was time to say goodbye to her)

stopping at every geological wonder

relaxing in ALL the hot springs

before heading to the city for 3 days to interview amazing guests on the Ecstatic Existence Podcast. (more about all that later)

What you do not know is that my first week back in the US was a very challenging re-entry. As soon as I got back I began feeling mild anxiety in the morning and sometimes in the night. This was a stark contrast to my usual, peaceful 8 hours and my 11 hours of deeeep rest in Iceland.


The anxiety I was having felt so out of my norm that I was like Daniel we gotta get outta here and decided to take the kids out for the long weekend on a boat adventure (you may have followed that exciting saga on Facebook ) which totally eradicated the icky sensations I had been feeling in my body. (I love, love, love my family time!)


Upon returning back to shore so did my palpitations…and so did a huge painful cold sore…
In my many years of deep therapeutic work I have learned to connect with the messages of my inner child through the wisdom of my body. I learned that I need to develop a greater support structure for myself when transitioning between nature and active city and work life. I am integrating everything that I learned about myself and the world from Iceland.

My confession is that I found myself shrinking away in shame of the festering blister that erupted on my lip. It stirred up old stories and beliefs. I didn’t even make a Wisdom Wednesday last week for fear of being seen this way.

So, I am outing myself!

When I was little I got so sick and my whole mouth blistered painfully, scabbed black and my lips fell off. I had a super high fever and was terrified. They said it was called “Hoof in Mouth Disease” or “Trench Mouth”. What an awful, embarrassing thing for a child to be told.

Ever since then when stressed or if my immune system was compromised, I would get a cold sore. In these times I would beg, cry, scream and pout in order to not have to go to school. The mortification associated with the herpes stigma was too much!

In really severe cases a herpes rash would break out all over my arms, legs and chest. It was excruciating, debilitating even.
For nearly 20 years I thought that it made me unlovable, that people thought I was dirty, or a slut, that a man wouldn’t want to kiss or touch me, let alone marry me. It interfered with my work and relationships. At its worst it stirred up thoughts of suicide.


(Well not only did this amazing man make out with me behind this gorgeous Icelandic waterfall,
but he married me and loves me!!!)

The thing I want you to know is that this condition has saved my life and been my super sensitive barometer for optimal health.

It keeps me on track with not only my food choices but more importantly my thought choices.

I have not had any sign of rash in 4 years and the last time I had a tragic experience with it was 6 years ago after a ski accident. I have not had a cold sore in over a year because I have respected the most subtle of messages from my body.

I am so sensitive now that I can not even entertain for a moment negativity within me…you see what happens if I do.

  • What is your inner child trying to communicate to you through your chronic illness or pain?
  • How can you allow your body’s wisdom and needs to guide you to your bliss?
  • What sensations have you been suppressing? Are the messages getting louder?
  • What do you know you need to shift but have been putting off?
  • Don’t deny your needs any longer. Reach out for support.
I’m done hiding(It doesn’t feel good) and am excited to connect with you tomorrow (on video, cold sore and all) for Wisdom Wednesday!
All My Love,

Im going to Iceland! May 2016

Hello Courageous Beauty!

I am heading to magical Iceland in just a few days to drive the famous Ring Road in a camper van with my beloved and interview amazing guests for the Ecstatic Existence Podcast.

…AND I gotta tell ya… I’m a little nervous!

Iceland is known as the land of FIRE & ICE as well as for its volatile beauty. The weather can change instantly and is very unpredictable.

80% of the island is uninhabited and that is where we will be exploring!We will drive for 10 days without ever coming into contact with civilization. eek!!

This meets an edge for me that I am joyfully and bravely leaning into.

It is in stretching ourselves to leap into the unknown that the most growth is experienced. We live in a wonderful world that is filled withbeauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them!

I will always remember dropping everything and zipping off to Mexico by myself when I was 21 to go explore the ancient ruins of the Yucatan.

(WOW! I sure have changed  a lot in the last 12 years…and this leap of faith was  a massive catalyst in my spiritual and emotional healing.)

I flew there on standby, with only $400 to my name, unable to speak the language and limited minutes on my phone. My life was forever transformed and for the first time felt deeply empowered! 
(Mind you this was before smart phones and the prevalence of the internet and Facebook.)

“Travel is never a matter of money,
but of courage.” ~ Paulo Coelho
I love that I can take my business on the road and adventure to the remotest of destinations. I would love to support you in taking a HUGE step towards creating a great relationship with yourself and experiencing the freedom and empowerment of radical self care!

All My Love,


 Feeling out of sorts lately?!?
This Episode of the Ecstatic Existence Podcast  Is sure to bring you relief and keep you privey on all that is happening astrologically.

Episode # 11
A Soothing Balm For
These Squishy Retrograde Times
Featuring Theo Naicker of Spica Astrology

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Episode # 10
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And be sure to check out the controversial kissing video we elude to on the podcast…




Today is a new day! It’s never too late for a new beginning.

Regret is simply the past crippling you in the future. Be present!

Keep choosing the Light and notice how that feel good vibrations reflected back to you.

Land Sick and Deep Healing April 2016

Hello Fabulous!

It has taken me a few days to get my bearings back after our wildly productive 6 days at sea. In fact when we docked and went ashore I actually got a little LAND SICK! (I can’t wait to share all that we have created with you)

Immediately upon arrive we rushed to REI where I made my first ever investment in a real pair of hiking boots (prior to that I used old tennis shoes, boots or bare feet, hehe…) We have had a blast breaking them in and taking mini forest excursions near home the last few days to prepare for our upcoming trip to ICELAND!!!

Our first weekend back on land we spent out on Vashon Island at an event we attend biannually called Therapy Marathon. This event has completely changed my life!

This was my 10th time in attendance and Daniel and I actually went for our honeymoon one year because of how the dates lined up and because of how much we value it. The deep work that we do there impacts EVERYTHING… our love, our businesses, our parenting and children, our financial prosperity, health, happiness… you name it…the list goes on!

This time around I accessed some REALLY PROFOUND pain in order to create space for deeper levels of safety, peace and compassion. Needless to say there was LOTS of emotional releasing in many forms taking place. This was the most tender and sweet events I have ever attended.

I absolutely LOVE the trickle over affect that my clients,
friends and family receive from this powerful work.
I am back now and delighted to be connecting with clients again.

I am eager to hear how I may best serve you



All My Love,


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This IS the REAL DEAL!

Episode # 9
The Colon Coffee Cancer Cure

Featuring Renee Escobar
owner of Heart Wing



I want financial prosperity AND I know you do too!

So align your thoughts with all the abundance you currently have
as well as with the prosperity you desire.

You have to trust that your abundance is provided by Source in order to allow for the wealth that the Divine wishes to bestow upon you to flow to you. It is a choice!

If you are stuck in perceiving only lack and worry then you are not only blocking financial gifts but you are attracting more lack and worry. 
Focus only on what you DO want, be grateful…it’s only a matter of time…

#YachtLife April 2016

Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to our floating office! (Her name is Miracles)

When your business partner is your best friend,
this is what your team meetings look like.

We spent the week kayaking and taking LOTS of notes for the creation of… 

The Essence of Ecstasy, Passionate Partnership Program
a 4 week couples course that will be UNVEILED FALL 2016.

We a thrilled to offer our teachings in a way in which couples will;

  • maximize the information at their own pace
  • from the comfort and privacy of their home
  • with our expert guidance and support


We settled into natures rhythms, expanded our Love capacity, trusted in the benevolence of Source and enjoyed some spectacular sunsets on the Salish Sea! I even got to take somebreaks from work with some much needed (NUDE) sunbathing!! (This quickly became a popular hashtag —> #SunYourYoni)

When I kayaked over to Hope Island and my feet touched the Earth for the first time in days, I was able to deeply connect to the uninhabited land by hiking barefoot through the 100 acre woods, nibbling on foraged greenery.


Feeling grounded, healthy, peaceful and vibrantly alive…
I finalized the EPIC Study Guide for my Mastery Level program and created WAY MOREHolistically Luxurious and Vibrantly Sexual handouts to support my amazing clients in their goals. I even finished my BRAND NEW recipe book!!!

We dinned on the healthiest treats, played chess by candlelight

…and were gleefully shocked one evening by the ripples of seismic electric sparkles that exploded with each sandy step. Daniel and I were like giddy children jumping in puddles andsplashing in the glittery bio-luminescent water.

It was so wonderfully mesmerizing we were convinced we entered a time warp of sorts, not being able to get enough of watching the unceasing light tracers and glitter bombs. We even found a fallen submerged log and if you touched one end the entire branch would light up!
We were in tremendous gratitude to Great Spirit for the creation of this brilliant nautical wonder!

I have also been going over VIP applications, conducting interviews and booking my summer spots. The VIP days and weekends have the ability to progress you at lest 6 month to a year in your spiritual, emotional, sensual and financial evolution!
Feeling the call to invest in yourself in this way?
Want to know all my secrets?
 Be sure to get an application in ASAP.
All My Love,


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That’s right!
This episode got GLOBAL recognition and had us at
#1 in Alternative Health for over a week.

Episode # 8
You Gotta Do The Deep Work

Featuring Brigitte Schmid



Feeling good aligns you with clarity, wellness and abundance.
This is the Divine vision for your life.

If you are experiencing anger, anxiety, pain, fear ect
this is an indication that you are not aligned with the Light.

You must be “selfish” enough to make feeling good a top priority
in order to receive the perfection intended for your life.

Ellie Goulding Girl Crush! April 2016

Hello Ma’dear!

The last week for me has been ever so contemplative…

I spent a bulk of the time in prayer, meditation, content creation and quietude. See I teeter right on the edge of introvert/ extrovert according to all the personality tests. Last week I could not seem to get my inner extrovert to come out be the leader she loves being. (Can you relate?)

…until the WEEKEND when we took the kids to see ELLIE GOULDING!
WOW talk about a girl crush!!!
 The experience is still working me in my day and night dreams. I feel activated and inspired into greater clarity around what I want my life to look like and what I AM consciously creating. (It’s amazing what a night of uninhibited singing and dancing will do for the soul’s creative flow!)

We were in such alignment with ease, prosperity and fun that we got upgraded to FRONT ROW seats for FREE! That’s what happens when you are having fun and trusting that all works out for your benefit. Check out some of the concert footage.

**And that is exactly what the Wisdom Cards have to say as well. Tune in below!

All My Love,




Visualize your desires and then let inspired action and
that which feels good lead you along your joy filled path!

The only measure of your success is your joy March 2016

Yay! Thank you for joining me for another Wisdom Wednesday!

…But before I get to that I want to share a few other amazing things with you!!

Our first FREE Tele seminar was so amazing
and well received that we decided to host it again!

 We break down mistaken beliefs about sexuality and what you can do to free yourself from the shackles of sexual dysfunction that society has brainwashed you into, by way of porn and religion. 

In Episode #3 Daniel interviews Theo Naiker of Spica Astrology in London, England.

He demystifies Astrology and explains how to use this blueprint of your life to help you shift old patterns, ditch struggle, connect with your gifts and have choice in the destiny of your desires.

Click here to listen

Let me know what you think!
As always I AM here for you.
All My Love,



Now is the only moment and the only measure of your success is your joy and the love that you share!

What the world needs is more people that feel really good and that my friends is a choice. ?

Choose Joy In This Moment March 2016

Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday!

I am delighted to share with you again today! There have been some really exciting things going on over here.

I recently had a divine download to start setting a timer and then when it goes off share something vulnerable. In this video I explain the inspiration for my “What feels most alive for me in this moment” LIVE Video Series.

Also, Daniel and I had the brilliantly expanding experience of spending the weekend in Las Vegas! We both had some serious resistance to going there as we don’t drink or gamble and much prefer nature vacations with beautiful tropical beaches or majestic forests. So when my family decided to host a reunion meeting there it gave us an opportunity to explore and work through some limiting mistaken beliefs about Ls Vegas as well as choose to be empowered and show up without any projections or story. It felt really great to be clear, sober and joyfully in the light. We had a fabulous time playing in the facade and enjoying the luxury. Hear more about my Las Vegas experience in this video.

We hosted two LIVE Tele Seminars within a week of each other on what is keeping you from your True Sexual Power. Listen to the first recording! Be on the lookout for the second recording to be released very soon!

I AM thrilled to be sharing SO MUCH amazing content with you!

All My Love,



What’s the big hurry for?

There will always be more to do.

This life was created for you to maximize your joy so choose to find joy in this moment.