Giving Back


“How do we change the world? 

One act of kindness at a time.”


The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone.The foundation ensures that every child has access to the lifelong gift of an education as well as clean water, food, medical attention and jobs for their families. Education has been proven to yield a larger impact than ANY other form of help or aid we can give. For every year of education, HIV rates go down, early pregnancy rates decrease, and income potential increases. Just learning to read and write could lift 171 million people out of poverty.



I have had the privilege of attending the

Unstoppable Gala in  2014 and 2015 in LA.

My beloved and I have a great time making a

difference and enjoying the red carpet!!



Here I am with one of my mentors Kendra Thornbury

and Unstoppable Foundation founder

Cynthia Kersey at a fundraising event.

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I AM a CASA Volunteer!

Currently I have a case with 5 beautiful kids that have 4 different dads that are all incarcerated. The children have been placed into the system because their mother was recently charged with prostitution.  I meet with them monthly to support them in getting their needs met, more if needed and I follow up with their teachers, family and caretakers.Periodically I report to the court system on their behalf and hold the vision of the biological parents getting the services they need in order to come forward as a viable option for reunification and if that does not happen then I will support the children through the process of finding safe and loving permanent placement.

  Find out how you can become a CASA Volunteer. They are waiting for YOU!

casa-logoWhat is CASA for Children? Every day in this country, 1,900 children become victims of abuse or neglect, and four of them will die. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children is a network of nearly 1,000 community-based programs that recruit, train and support citizen-volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in courtrooms and communities.

Volunteer advocates—empowered directly by the courts—offer judges the critical information they need to ensure that each child’s rights and needs are being attended to while in foster care. Volunteers stay with children until they are placed in loving permanent homes. For many abused children, a CASA volunteer is the only constant adult presence in their lives.





 poluted earthWhen your grandchildren ask you what you did to try and stop this, what will you tell them?

This planet cannot sustain this system.

Heal the planet with love!

environment WA

Environment Washington is a citizen-based environmental advocacy project of Environment America. Their professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results for Washington’s environment. Environment Washington draws on 30 years of success in shifting our state’s top environmental problems.

It feels really good to contribute financially to this organization as well as make sustainable choices. Caring for the environment and practicing sustainability is HOLISTIC LUXURY!

Here are some ways that we contribute and you can too…Reusable containers, recycling, composting, no plastic, biodegradable bags, making our own cleaning and body care products, line dry laundry, sustainable and organic food, car share, fair trade, non GMO, reusable feminine products, tiny home living/minimalism and more…