Lily Palmer head shot“Rachel’s Retreat was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I’ve been cultivating my spiritual awareness for over a decade, largely on my own and with the support of only a couple of long distance male friends and my husband. Although I had been growing, learning, and loving the magic of life it had been painstakingly safe and slow. This retreat catapulted me into sacred sisterhood in all of its luminescence allowing me to relax into my divine feminine self with other conscious women. The sacred space that Rachel created during the retreat allowed me to speak my truth and go beyond my edge each day while cultivating effortless, loving connections with the ladies around me. I had no idea this divine support network existed! I’ve been launched into my authentic self! My excitement about life is overflowing, and, most importantly, I know there is an empowered, conscious community that supports me every step of my journey! I lovingly recommend that you put yourself in the space of this woman and experience how clarity, purpose, love, and crazy awesome growth unfolds quickly and brilliantly in front of you!”

~ Lily Palmer


“I gained valuable feminine insight, tools, and clarity that has already inspired greater success, authenticity and fun in my life. It was a profoundly fun and liberating experience that I am still reveling in! The retreat provided an incredible balance between powerful wisdom, luxurious fun, play, and deep sharing. Rachel creates a rich and beautiful container for women to feel safe diving deep into connection with other like-minded women. It was a powerful experience, to be seen by a group of women and to relate and empower one another in creating our ideal lives. The connections we made will undoubtedly last a lifetime. I am deeply grateful and passionate about more and more women having the opportunity to share such a deep and empowering experience! Thank you Rachel for a fun and life changing retreat!

~ Naia Leigh


“This retreat, and Rachel, were impacting me weeks before we were even together. I had never believed that I would wind up on a retreat like this—Just being presented with the opportunity to attend the retreat allowed me to break through limiting beliefs, and find the courage and self-worth to ask for what I truly wanted.

I was gifted with new clarity for my life-purpose, and empowered and supported to stand in the identity of my call to serve. I was also inspired to take new actions for the fulfillment of my purpose–where previously there had been just a swirl of ideas that I could never seem to get off the ground. I left feeling so excited for my whole life–for how much I am helping the world heal, and how exquisite my life is and can be in the process!!

If your mind is telling you that you can’t do something like this, ask yourself why. If you are on the fence about attending, just go. If you have any whispering of “YES! This is for me!”, listen to that! That is the Divine speaking through your desire, and offering you an opportunity for transformation and abundance!” 

~ Kate Fontana

“Rachel Alcyone is the real deal – an artist and a muse. She has tremendous courage. She steps out into the world genuinely embodying her being. She embraces the challenges that arise in order to gain all that is there to be learned. Dancing, flowing and breathing creativity into everything she touches. She holds the space encouraging us to do the same. Inspiring us to move to the inner beat, to find the magic in our bodies, our surroundings and in our lives. I believe Rachel Alcyone is a light, through which Spirit shines, to help us find our Heart and our feet in this world.”

~Nan Feist


Fralisa“Rachel walks her talk and you can see the evidence. She has a wonderful way of explaining things that really resonates. I learned that how I treat my body is the most important way to practice self love and that starts with what is on the inside– from food and tampons to cleansing practices and self talk. I am no longer focused only on weight loss, but on getting my whole body healthy, every part of it. I have become more aware of my needs and how to effectively speak up to get them met. A friend recently saw me and the transformation I have gone through, since working with Rachel and exclaimed “Wow, Look at you!”

 ~Fralisa McFall


crystal“Rachel is a beautiful guide who lovingly led me into a different realm to journey and discover parts of myself that were hidden deep inside of me. “I learned things about my body that I never learned in school. I feel empowered and invincible by the new wisdom provided to me. I can honestly say I appreciate my body and recognize beauty in a whole new way. I can now go out into the world glowing and vibrating with confidence in my new found freedom, embracing my womanhood! It is a beautiful feeling to be supported, loved, nurtured, empowered and fulfilled.Working with Rachel has been truly inspiring and lit me on fire!”

~Crystal Gordon



12141707_10153691291909932_5879145726718371135_n“As a result of my relationship with Rachel I learned to love my body, nurture my body, listen to my body, and celebrate my body. “Rachel is packed full of hours of useful content and so tuned in that every sentence feels important. I especially love all the added bonuses along the way to keep me inspired. Working with Rachel was the best value and best investment HANDS DOWN! She helped empower me to use my healing gifts and I love the freedom and passion I’m experiencing now that I am living life on my terms.”
~Hillery Berteaux


13921064_10157427571880107_7865793997957924606_n“Rachel I want to tell you that I genuinely attribute my life change to you and your course. In January, when we did our first call, I had to mute my phone for over an hr because I was sobbing as the rush of emotions poured out of me. I listened to my body, my intuition and your wisdom and I found bravery to open my business. I really cannot explain how huge it has been for me to take this step, bet on myself, align with my gifts, TRUST the universe and my gut, I am much more emotionally well because of you and because of the time I took investing in myself. THANK YOU!”
~Emily Denyer


10258559_10203706309082729_1962745527017427786_o “After my first session with Rachel, I knew I had found an incredible healer. Her presence with me is soft and nurturing, as well as very grounded, present and willing to go where I need to go. She always makes me feel very safe to be in her care and I love learning from her depth and inner knowing.

I can feel that in addition to her mind and body being very present with me, she brings her soul and heart into the mix, making all the difference in my own ability to step forward in my own healing. Thank you Rachel! I look forward to many more years of your brilliant guidance and love.”

~ Angi Donovan

beachheartMy time on Reflection with Rachel was luxurious and serene. I didn’t know what to expect staying on a boat and was pleasantly surprised to see all the love made manifest in the decor and special touches of beauty at every turn. The hot tub on top of Reflection before my massage with Rachel was sublime and Rachel’s care and healing in the body work session was exactly what I needed. She is masterful at tuning in to the body’s needs and offering her potent sacred medicine. Rachel Alcyone embodies everything that she teaches. She is a light among lights and I highly recommend working with her.”

~Stephanie Dawn



“Thank you Rachel for being a plethora of great information.I feel like i’m always on the run, it was great to take some time out for me. I rarely find time to relax let alone a day of self care. The power of words, thoughts and actions lay the foundation for a healthier me. I now have a more positive outlook and speak nicely to myself. Thank you , what a great experience to share time with you!”

~ Angelina Jackson




  “Rachel is genuine, talented and highly intuitive! She hears you and gives exactly what is needed. Her knowledge of the body both physically and energetically has taught me so much as well as sparked my curiosity and desire to know more about myself. Spending time with her nourishes and balances me on so many levels! “

~Willow Eskridge




“My Session with Rachel was so valuable! Immediately I felt Rachel’s presence and I love how quickly a powerful vibrational state clicked in. I felt really held, safe and loved. Our time together was incredibly healing for me. I want more!”

~ Emma Sumner



 kim archer“Rachel is a well of positive energy! Her expertise in women’s health, physical well-being and energy clearing are evident in the amazing feedback she has provided me. She models perfect balance of giving and receiving. Actively engaged in outreach, she is a true humanitarian.”

~ Kim Archer



430962_3235054960378_769601527_n “Rachel lights up a room! She cares deeply and wants to really know you. She pays attention. One of the greatest gifts anyone can give is a listening ear, and Rachel does just that. She encourages people to act from their higher self. She doesn’t push it, but rather promotes it. She helps break down walls that are holding you back by opening up safe doors into the past to allow for awareness and healing.Thank you, thank you for helping me forgive, let go, and realize my own inner strength! I now know that love and presence are what need to be fed into this world.”

~ Vicci Martinez