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“You can cut your learning curve, transcend lifetime patterns AND create holistic luxury and vibrant sexuality all in one private day with me. I will tailor the experience to your needs and priorities, accelerating your results exponentially. Locations include Kauai, Sedona, US Virgin Islands & more.”


VIP Weekend Retreat

This three day  VIP intensive is sure to blast through mistaken beliefs and old thought patterns in order to radically transform your life. I will help you identify the most crucial areas of your life that need shifting and hold your hand through creating those changes in order to free you from the overwhelm, anxiety, despondence,and numbness you feel now so that you can experience a life that is holistically luxurious and sexually vibrant.


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Mastery Weekend with Rachel Alcyone

Mastery Level Success Secrets for

Holistic Luxury & Vibrant Sexuality

If you are serious about stepping into the bliss you deserve then this is for you!! This is a one of a kind 7 month package that will take you step by step out of the pain and discomfort you are in and reveal new found radiance, clarity, confidence and sexual freedom that has been stifled for way too long! You will receive a VIP weekend, bi-monthly coaching calls, access to my 7 week program, a self care starter kit, email, text support and so much more…





7 Self Care Success Secrets for

Holistic Luxury & Vibrant Sexuality

  • Do you long for a lifestyle that is filled with purpose and health?
  • Do you yearn for a passionate sexual connection that is spiritually fulfilling?
  • Do you want more pleasure and prosperity?

Most women are sexually shut down. They’ve lost the
 ability to feel good. They’ve become numbed to the pleasures
 of their body, their relationships, their creativity, their
 cycles and even money!

My 7 week program is the perfect way to dive into valuable content, totally supported by a tribe of loving women at your own pace!

Each week I release a secret for you to master that will unlock your blockages and unleash your true goddess nature to reveal the real you that has been repressed for far too long!





Essence of Ecstasy

Passionate Partnership Program

  • Do you yearn for a spiritually nourishing and erotically wild relationship?!?
  • Do you frequently feel isolated and and alone even though you are in the company of your partner?
  • Have slipped into the comfort zone of routine and niceties?

This 4 week romantic online adventure will open you up to deeper levels of communication and play so that you will feel so in love, so satisfied, so passionate that you wont be able to keep your hands off each other!






Breakthrough Session

  • Are you feeling stuck by the obstacles of your life?
  • Do you desire an advancement in knowledge and techniques proven to liberate you from illness, suffering and drama?
  • Got a question you have been bursting to share with me?

In this one hour session gain expert insight into the topics you have been trying to understand and make sense of for oh so long. I know how excruciating it can be to keep slamming up against the same issues again and again. That’s why I’m prepared to get real with you about what it will take to heal yourself naturally, ditch limiting beliefs/behaviors, and 100% support you in your vision of joyful abundance.

So whether you are a novice newcomer to my work or extensively seasoned this is the perfect  tune up session for those ready to receive powerful perspective, free themselves from outdated stories and replace them empowered action. Go ahead ask me anything!






Self Discovery Session

Shine the light of awareness on your lifetime patterns, conditioned beliefs and limiting behavior in order to illuminate your deepest desires with a Self Discovery Session. This 2 hour private session is designed to get you clear about what matters most to you and empowers you with a game plan to implement the necessary changes so that you can align with who you were born to be with increased ease and joy. With my support we will explore a series of 100 questions to get you thinking in new ways, reveal your strengths and open you up to the transformation you have been yearning for.

**This session is a prerequisite to working with me and is the first step in mapping out where we will go together.





Life Activation Session

This is the 22-strand DNA Activation that awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with your Higher Self.  It also enables you to bring in and hold more Light (positive energy) in your physical body, empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities, while giving you more energy and clarity. It begins a process of releasing unconscious patterns (old emotional traps), clearing family and genetic karmic imprints by increasing your ability to use more of your brain.




lulaRoe banner

LulaRoe Clothing Line

Where fashion meets comfort!

Feel good in your body and improve confidence in your appearance with a phenomenal wardrobe flattering to all shapes and sizes. Enjoy stylish, fun and affordable clothing while joining the movement where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. The ethical production and development that goes into each style , print and design touches the hands and hearts of thousands of artists and craftsmen around the world. From Korea to Guatemala, to the U.S. and Vietnam, we are blessing the lives of over 100,000 families.

Join the movement you can feel great about, by wearing clothes you feel great in!



Yoga Nidra for Lovers

3 Part Audio Series

Take a meditative journey of relaxation with your beloved in the comfort of your home with this 3 part audio series designed to bring maximum health and wellness into your relationship. Simply create a restful environment and let the recordings lull you and your lover to romantic bliss.

  • Counteract the stressful impact of the modern world by allowing you both to totally relax and open to greater levels of pleasure.
  • Increase desire for your beloved by filling the relationship with trust and awareness.
  • Have greater ability to work through problems and situations that feel impossible.